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Happy February!

I always love the first day of each month. Fresh starts are what attract me, and in these winter months, we're one day closer to Spring! If you missed my last blog post, check out some of my fresh starts for the business! I'm now including 20 min mini chat sessions for just $20! I'm also launching virtual personal shopping for those of you who want help in that area. And, speaking of Spring, how many of you are craving a closet clean-out and new Spring fashions? I'm with you, and I'll be sharing with you my adventures in cleaning out my closet & attempting another capsule wardrobe-- soon! Bust, as we enter February, and before we jump into Spring trends, I have one more fashion suggestion for now!

We're still in the heart of Winter but if you've noticed online and in stores, everything Winter is on SALE! Catalogues are beginning to drop hints of upcoming Spring and Summer fashion, but before we jump ahead, think through your current Winter wardrobe as to what pieces you've been lacking (if any). And this is the time to snatch them up! Specifically, think through your outerwear. To me, it's optimal in pulling together an outfit to have a top-to-bottom, pulled together look. For example, does your stocking cap match your boots? Or do your mittens match your scarf? Make sure at least 2 of your pieces are in the same color family!

And, here are links to some of my favorite Winter boots:

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