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Capsule Wardrobe

***Update- Since writing this original post I learned if you use my affiliate link to purchase 27 Hangers I get paid a portion for each referral. Sweet! Please let me know if you decide to go for it***

It’s time for a closet cleanout! As sultry summer transitions to fair fall, it’s the perfect opportunity to give your closet a reboot. Check out my Pinterest boards for fresh, fall looks & change out the items you wear.

Many women feel like cleaning out their unruly closets is a daunting chore, yet many crave order & simplicity. My top suggestion is to give the appealing capsule wardrobe a try. Commit to 3 months of pairing down, which allows you time to see if your fear of not having enough turns into freedom! Perhaps you’ve been craving the ease of a capsule wardrobe but lacked the “know-how.” Good news! You don’t have to establish a capsule wardrobe on your own because there is an engaging & simple system in place, just launched by Shari Braendel.

Shari Braendel, who I trained under, developed 27 Hangers online academy, and is offering the training to all! Shari spends 2+ hours of video walking subscribers through setting up a capsule wardrobe. Fascinating! I purchased her training, which is a steal at $27 through this week. Readers, I have only positive feedback from the sessions with Shari’s 27 Hangers. She is engaging, thorough, practical, helpful, & made building a capsule wardrobe simple & beautiful! In addition, the two questions I typed in during the session were replied to within 24 hours. Score! Please give 27 Hangers a try.

During my 27 Hangers closet cleanout I used my personal color swatches (if you’ve never had a color analysis and don’t know your 36 best colors please get in touch with me ASAP! We can meet in person if you’re local to Tampa or set up a virtual consult if you’re far) to choose 2 neutral and 3 pop colors to build my capsule. Limiting my neutrals was the toughest part for me, but now that my closet is almost finished I see it. Not only does my closet look airy and feel spacious, I’m wearing my favorite pieces. And the items I’m lacking create a purposeful shopping list of items to buy. No more impulse shopping!

Many of you readers are past clients. You know your colors and styles but are struggling with piecing together outfits and pairing down your existing items. 27 Hangers will help you take your wardrobe to the next level. Like always, I’m available for Color Consultations, Closet Cleanouts and Style Parties to help set the foundation, but 27 Hangers can transport your knowledge to a new level!

Would love to know if you’re going to try!

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