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New York Fashion Week

Have you been reading the magazines, blogs, websites & persusing all the images from this Fashion Week in NYC? What were your favorite outfits? Based on NYFW, here are my personal favs of upcoming Spring trends.

1. Stripes!

Any size, direction, pattern, color, on any article of clothing.

My tip? Remember to stay in proportion to your body frame! And for a classic look, go nautical!

Here is a lovely option from JCREW.

2.Wrap Skirts

This doesn't have to mean a mini. Remember to choose a modest length that best compliments your diamonds.

This darling wrap skirt even has stripes! 2 trends in 1

3.Ties, Sashes & Belts, Oh my!

This is a fantastic trends for you X & D body types.

This is a stunning option hitting other trends, such as bare shoulders, florals, and Spanish influence of that beautiful red.

4. White, white, white

If it's in your color pallette (Deeps, Clears, Cools, & Lights), go for it! Take a little spin from the traditional white button down and play around with an adventurous white top this Spring.

Look at the simple difference of this versus a tradiitonal button down.

5. 70's Vibe

Looks like the 70's vibe is here to stay. I'm loving the leathers, jumpsuits, comfy slip-on mules that no woman should every complain about!

6. Denim

Denim, and especially soft, comfy denim is everywhere. Pick you shade and wear it.

More trends to come... (dont forget this is the perfect time to stock up on Winter staples as most places are offering an additonal % off Sales)

For more images, style ideas, Spring trends, and pics from NYFW visit my DarlingByDesign Pinterest board.

Happy Shopping!

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