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When the Snow Melts Away

The warm rain of the past 2 days has melted almost all of our NY snow, revealing dirt, litter, and lost items buried for weeks by the snow. As I was running this morning I couldn’t help but notice all the newly uncovered rubbish- filthy mittens, rubber pedicure flip-flops, plastic grocery bags. Immediately, the Lord asked me, “And what if your outer covering melted away. What would be revealed?” So, I ask you the same? It can be easy to hide under the blanket of beautiful white snow, but eventually the blanket melts away and what’s left is often not very pretty.

If I’m being completely honest, I’ve been hiding under a blanket of snow for too long. When my blanket melted away the past few weeks I’ve found myself left with some devastating truths of anger, resentment, and a broken relationship with one of my children. But, as a friend, encouraged me last night, I don’t have to stay in that place. I could choose forgiveness and practice the daily discipline of forgiveness and start every morning with a clean slate. You don’t have to stay in that dirty mire either. If your blanket uncovered revealed an ugly inner, come out from hiding and find restoration.

As Darling by Design, I want to encourage the whole person- both inner and outer beauty. And the message is simple- our designer, God, is captivated by us, desiring our complete selves. He created us to be Complete in Him. We need a Savior. We need a King. We are not enough. And, at one point or another, all darlings come to this realization. And what I’ve come to realize is when we reach this crossroad we can 1. Live for self…It’s rewards can be immediate and it can feel satisfying. But, what I’ve experienced is living for self may feel good, but it ultimately needs to brokenness, loss, and sadness. The more hopeful option is to 2. Live for Jesus. He is love. He came from heaven to earth, lived a perfect life, died, and rose to life again. He wants to have a relationship with us. He knows how we were designed and what we’ve been designed for. And following Him by obeying His teachings is not easy but it does lead to peace, hope and love. And when my blanket of snow is stripped away, I’d love for peace, hope and love to be what’s present.

Have you ever come to the crossroads of choosing to live for self or something else?

Have you ever made Jesus your King? If so, share your story! If not, what’s holding you back?

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