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I am Michelle Post 

I am a professionally trained Style By Color consultant, passionate about equipping people to uncover their God-given beauty and live in the confidence of His design. Trained in New York, and residing in Kansas, I have empowered hundreds of clients on this journey, providing them with practical color and fashion tips for immediate transformation. Specializing in color, frame & body analysis, I have helped both men & women of all colors look their best. My passion for beauty comes from God's message to all of us in Song of Solomon 4:7- "You are altogether beautiful, my darling, there is no flaw in you." When I'm not busy styling, I team with my Army husband of 20 years to raise our seven children and hike as many National Parks as possible. 


“I was so excited to get my personal styling consult done by Michelle. I never know how to piece outfits together or pair clothes. I feel like I'm so much more productive when I go into a store now and I conveniently carry my color pallet in my purse with me!"

Doctor Lara Chase / PT, DPT / North Carolina

“My time with Michelle was very worthwhile. In the 90's I had my colors done and my shape analyzed. I have been successfully following those for years, but Michelle was still able to give me many new and valuable styling tips as well as updated color direction. I am extremely frugal with my time and money. Michelle's passion and expertise were worth every minute and penny"

Megan S. / Mansfield, OH

“Michelle did an amazing job helping me learn my colors. With 3 kids, I have very little time to spend shopping. With her help and my color pallet, my shopping takes much less time. My color pallet is like bringing a friend along shopping telling me what looks great on me."

Jenny Wise

“I could always tell when something I put on didn’t bring out the best in me, but couldn’t ever put my finger on why; I was always kind of lost when I went shopping. When Michelle did my color consultation, I finally understood the secret to looking great- and it doesn’t take much effort- which I love. Just being strategic with the right colors and minimal accessories have improved my wardrobe AND my self-confidence. I couldn’t be more happy with Michelle’s expertise, relatability, and encouragement. She is a real gem!"

Kristin R. / Tampa, Florida 

“I had so much fun going shopping with my husband after getting my colors done. It honestly was one of my favorite dates. He helped me pick out four sweaters and a purse. Every time I put one of my purchases on, I feel good knowing they are sweaters that compliment me. They make my eyes pop with color and bring my best features to the forefront. Thank you so much Michelle!"

Angela Anderson / New York

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