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Happy New Year

I just had lunch with a hurting friend. She spent New Years at home in sweat pants while her husband was out partying with "beautiful" women. Sharing her heart she began to question her worth and value, asking '"Who have I become?" She was longing for me to tell her she is enough.

Woman, your essence is beauty. You're not beautiful because you dress in the latest trends, or because you wear make-up that compliments your features. And the opposite is true. You're not ugly because you lounge in yoga pants five days a week. You're not appaling because you're overweight. You're beautiful because your Creator designed you to be. He didn't create mistakes. Woman was the last thing God created- His grand finale. God takes delight in His purposeful creation--beautiful YOU!

Walk forward this year in confidence that the world doesn't define your beauty. Yes, you can do things to suppress your natural beauty, but you can also enhance your natural beauty (like wear clothes flattering to your body type and colors that bring out your hair, skin, & eyes). But, you are beautiful simply because beauty is the essence of a woman.

"You are altogther beautiful, my darling, there is no flaw in you." Song of Sol 4:7


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